The Manuscript.

In 2009 the construction of Maasvlakte 2 and the excavation of the seabed brought to light a long-lost manuscript, a rather unique piece of work. Archaeologists associated it with the Dutch Ocean Liner, SS Tubantia, which sunk after being attacked by German submarine on March 16, 1916. The surviving components of the manuscript contain a series of notes that appear to be part of a story or prophecy. The fact that the synopses are unfinished, with no signature, is perhaps the main reason the author(s) has not yet been identified.

The curatorial project is an attempt to reconstruct the found story, reflecting on the modes of resistance to the ever-expanding nature of the logistical apparatus that govern us. Aiming to liberate the life from the work, the project contemplates the possibility of turning our activities to potentialities. Not only that, but also to clear away, to abstract in order to suggests a pause: a moment within which a new possibility of political organization can be imagined.


Destructive Character

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